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704b27084030f0e97ce3ce3e5953e9e5 Taylor Dayne - Love Will Lead You Back - (1989) - | Musikwunsch kostenlos im Radio
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Taylor Dayne - Love Will Lead You Back - (1989)

Von Potter in Musikvideos 8th Mai, 2023 Video Dauer: NICHT ZUTREFFEND
Saying goodbye
Is never an easy thing
But you never said
That you'd stay forever
So if you must go
Oh, darling I set you free
But I know in time
That we'll be together
I won't try
To stop you now from leaving
'Cause in my heart I know
Love will lead you back
Someday I just know that
Love will lead you back to my arms
Where you belong
I'm sure, sure as stars are shining
One day you will find me again, it won't be long
One of these days our love will lead you back
One of these nights
Ooh, I'll hear your voice again
You're gonna say
Ooh, how much you missed me
You'll walk out this door
But someday you'll walk back in
And darling I know, ooh
I know this will be
Sometimes it takes
Sometime you on your own now
To find your way back home
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